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New Feature: Mass Clock In/Out

Dec 28, 2021

Creating daily reports for construction just got even easier with CrewTracks. Today’s new feature announcement is pretty simple in principle, but you might want to watch the video below to learn the details.

Essentially, you can now do the following en masse rather than being limited to doing these things for one individual at a time:

  • Clock in and out
  • Edit clock in and out times
  • Set lunch break duration
  • Edit lunch break duration
  • Remove shifts (only supervisors & admins can do this)

New Feature: Organization Switching

Dec 9, 2021

We have an exciting new feature announcement today. And by exciting, I mean… most of our current customers don’t need it, but those who do, REALLY need it. And it opens the doors for us to better serve larger companies, which is exciting.