CrewTracks Customers Inform New Features

CrewTracks Customers Inform New Features

I’ve worked in B2B software for a while, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: there is no such thing as perfect software.  CrewTracks is no exception. But here’s the good news: from the beginning, CrewTracks has been developed to solve actual pain points for actual people in actual companies who want exactly what we’re making.

Game Changer

Exhibit A: CrewTracks approaching perfection.

So while we’re not perfect, we are closing the gap between CrewTracks and perfect every day.  Today, I want to share just one example.

B&D Associates Loved CrewTracks Except…

When B&D Associates in St. Paul, Minnesota said they loved our software except for one thing, we were all ears.  After all, we had started as mainly a time clock software, and we had grown into so much more by listening to contractors like B&D.  What idea would we hear next?  Much to our surprise, B&D loved our features except the time clock.  They wanted to be able to allocate time to jobs without clocking in and out.

No problem.  You can now allocate time without ever clocking in.  It’s a great feature, and we wouldn’t have thought of it without feedback from B&D.

Canadian Company Met in the Middle

Next, we worked with a Canadian company (which I will name if/when they give me permission) who wanted to clock in and out, but without taking photos.  Sort of a halfway point betweent the typical functionality and the no-time-clock approach of B&D Associates.

No problem.  You can now clock in and out just by tapping each person’s name.  Again, a great feature born of feedback from real people.

Pacific Masonry’s Fresh Perspective

Recently, we met Pacific Masonry from Las Vegas, Nevada.  They wanted the same solution as the Canadian company, and we had the privilege of providing the “perfect” solution, because someone else had already requested it.

There was just one difference: Pacific Masonry was the first new CrewTracks customer to use this feature, and like I’ve seen so many times before, a fresh set of eyes found something that habitual CrewTracks users had missed.  When clocking out, a “cancel” button appears just in case it’s not actually time to clock out yet, but that cancel button appears when the camera is activated.  This means when the photo in/photo out feature isn’t being used, and the camera screen never appears, there is no way to cancel a clock out.

No problem.  We added a “cancel” option to the injury tracking question, so you can cancel an accidental clock out.

Bring Us Your Problems

At CrewTracks, we love solving problems.  CrewTracks may be a perfect fit for your company, but that doesn’t mean that CrewTracks is perfect.  Let us know what you think CrewTracks is missing, because we’d love your help closing the gap between CrewTracks and perfection.

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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