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Features: Construction Management Software

Simple and Powerful

CrewTracks is a top construction management software & app that has been available in the App Store and Google Play Store since 2017. We have regularly added new features to our crew management system. Existing customers receive these updates for free.  Enjoy the freedom to use just a few, or all of them – we won’t nickel and dime you. Plus, the ability to disable unneeded features makes CrewTracks an extremely simple, yet powerful construction management system.

Photo Timeclock

Quickly allow your Crew Leads or Foremen to clock his or her crew in and out. Look at photos in real time to see who showed up to the job site.

Production Tracking

Cumulative production per task is graphed against bid numbers to help you stay on budget.

Document Management

Upload documents or plans and collaborate in real time via drawing tools and editable fields.

Notes & Photos

Crews easily add notes and photos, which are stored with the job forever. Instantly see progress as it occurs.

GPS Tracking

See real-time where your crews are and where they’ve been during work hours.

Off-Line Capability

Work offline, even with no Internet connection! All data is automatically synced once devices are back on a data connection.


Schedule jobs or phases, crews, equipment, materials, etc. See if a resource is already scheduled on another job or crew.

Crew Texting

Indicate what information should be received by each crew, and then text everyone in the company with just a couple of clicks.

Job Tracking

Allocate employee time to jobs, phase codes, or categories. Track time, materials, or units against time budgets.

Require Time Allocation

Optionally require your crews to ensure all time worked is properly job costed to a job.

Equipment Tracking

Keep track of specific equipment hours for each job or phase and which jobsite has each piece equipment.

Daily Reporting

Easily track what your crew is doing in the field without ever leaving the office.

Material Usage Tracking

Create a custom list of materials and record usage against a job and cost code.

Real-Time Syncing

Enter change orders, shift employees between jobs, and have all data sync between all devices instantly.

Supervisor Approvals

Superintendents or Project Managers can approve or reject daily work by the crews and add notes and photos of their own.


Get daily reports of the jobsites and crews, productivity, weekly time and overtime, or job time cards.

Weather Tracking

Automatic weather tracking based on location: temperature, sunny, rainy, snowy, etc. No user input required.

Imports & Exports

Import budget data from your bidding software. Export payroll data and more. Export photos from daily reports.

Miscellaneous Data

Customize data collection to fit your need. We will work with you to collect data unique to your industry or need.

Injury Tracking

Employees sign every day that they weren’t injured so you have a paper trail to reduce your risk.

Customer Sign Off

Automatically generate a report, adjust as necessary, add notes, get a signature, and email a copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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CrewTracks is a perfect fit for construction contractors with self-performing crews. We serve masonry, concrete, scaffolding, excavation, demolition, land clearing, site work, building envelope, civil, utility, asphalt, and roofing contractors, to name a few.

Our customers value simplicity, innovation, and personal relationships. They are data-driven, want better processes for their company, and are looking to grow.

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All of them! Many of our customers begin with a simple implementation including our time clock, time allocation, notes, and photos. After that, roll out additional features as needed or as you are ready for them. You can choose which features are visible in the app, so your people only see what they need to see.

We can get you up and running in a few days, but some people prefer to roll out CrewTracks over the course of a few months.

You can implement CrewTracks with one crew at a time, beginning with a trusted foreman. Or you can roll out CrewTracks one job at a time in order to avoid switching data collection methods mid-project. Or you can do it all at once. Regardless, your dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way.

Let us know what works best for you, and we’ll make it happen.

There is a one-time setup fee of $1,000-$3,000, depending on your needs and company size.

After that, your CrewTracks subscription includes unlimited training and support from your dedicated account manager at no additional cost.

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