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How do your employees know where to go every day? Do you have a whiteboard in the office? Emails? Phone calls? Text messages? All of the above?

In CrewTracks, you can set up the day’s schedule for each crew. The schedule can include a foreman and supervisor, a list of employees, timeclock and time allocation options, jobs and tasks, production benchmarks, equipment, materials, notes and photos requirements, documents, custom forms, and an auto-generated customer signoff. All of these things are visible to the crew leader, even if it’s just a crew of one.

However, if you want to send any other information to the entire crew, you can enter a message in the “Work Description” field on each schedule and then text everyone with just a couple of clicks. The message can be updated throughout the day, and you can send a new text to the crew or the whole company at any time. We’ve seen some creative usage of this feature, and we love it. Take a look at the looping demo below and ask yourself: how would I use this feature?

Note: Crew Texting is currently available for customers in the US and Canada.