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As with most CrewTracks features, the photo timeclock is optional. In fact, you have three options when it comes to our timeclock:

  • Turn it off completely. This allows you to skip straight to the “Time Assignment” feature and use it like a digital timesheet. Just indicate how many hours each person spent on each task. This option works well for companies who care more about production than exact clock in/out times.
  • Turn it on, but do not use photos. This allows for very fast clocking in and out by simply tapping the person’s name.
  • Turn it on and require photos. Combined with our device time tampering detection and GPS features, this option makes it easy for everyone to be accurate and honest with their time reporting. Plus, the photos can serve as verification that each employee is wearing their PPE and appears uninjured.

Whichever of the above options you choose, you can find the right time tracking approach for your company. If you opt for the full photo timeclock functionality, it will look like this: