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CrewTracks has always been able to track production, but we added a lot to this capability recently. You now have several options, including:

  • Track production by each crew or by each individual employee
  • Display a target in the mobile app based on labor hours allocated so far – i.e. if 50% of labor budget has been used on a particular job item, target production to date for that item would be 50% of the total
  • Dynamically update daily expected efficiency based on job performance to date
  • Cap production reporting at 100% of bid or allow production to exceed bid numbers
  • Use any production unit: sqft, cubic meters, holes, frames, CMUs, etc.
  • Turn off production tracking for any task or crew that doesn’t need it

Here is a very quick overview video. Below that, you can find the more thorough video we made to announce the update to our beta testers just before Christmas: