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Production Tracking

“How do I know if my crew is on track or not?”

CrewTracks production tracking software unlocks huge potential, including the ability to create a variance report that will tell you whether you’ve made or lost money on each job each day. Our customers love this feature for keeping track of whether their crews are on track or not. You have several options, including:

  • Track production by each crew or by each individual employee
  • Display a target in the mobile app based on labor hours allocated so far – i.e. if 50% of labor budget has been used on a particular job item, target production  to date for that item would be 50% of the total
  • Dynamically update daily expected efficiency based on job performance to date
  • Cap production reporting at 100% of bid or allow production to exceed bid numbers
  • Use any production unit: sqft, cubic meters, holes, frames, CMUs, etc.
  • Turn off production tracking for any task or crew that doesn’t need it

Here is a very quick overview video of our production tracker.

Production Tracking

Feature Overview Video

If you would like to learn more about our production tracker, schedule a demo or check out our other features below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is per person, per month, and varies depending on company size. Average pricing is about $20 per employee per month. For example, a company with 40 employees would pay $19 per person, or $760 per month. If you opt to pay annually, you get two months free.

The best way to get an exact price quote is to schedule a free demo so we can get to know each other and figure out how we can best help you.

CrewTracks is a perfect fit for construction contractors with self-performing crews. We serve masonry, concrete, scaffolding, excavation, demolition, land clearing, site work, building envelope, civil, utility, asphalt, and roofing contractors, to name a few.

Our customers value simplicity, innovation, and personal relationships. They are data-driven, want better processes for their company, and are looking to grow.

Schedule your free demo to see if we’re a fit.

All of them! Many of our customers begin with a simple implementation including our time clock, time allocation, notes, and photos. After that, roll out additional features as needed or as you are ready for them. You can choose which features are visible in the app, so your people only see what they need to see.

We can get you up and running in a few days, but some people prefer to roll out CrewTracks over the course of a few months.

You can implement CrewTracks with one crew at a time, beginning with a trusted foreman. Or you can roll out CrewTracks one job at a time in order to avoid switching data collection methods mid-project. Or you can do it all at once. Regardless, your dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way.

Let us know what works best for you, and we’ll make it happen.

There is a one-time setup fee of $500-$1,500, depending on your needs and company size.

After that, your CrewTracks subscription includes unlimited training and support from your dedicated account manager at no additional cost.

We help you.
We innovate for you.

Find out why thousands trust CrewTracks to provide real-time data to field crews and office staff. Enjoy frequent updates, knowing you use the latest and greatest software.

If you’ve tried other software in the past, you will love our account manager model. Don’t call an 800 number; call your guy at CrewTracks.

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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