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Materials tracking is one of our less-often-used features, but the companies that use it love it. If your daily report for construction requires recording materials associated with a job or job item, you’ll love this feature.

One thing to note about this feature: we allow you to pair a material and quantity with a job or job item – what that means is up to you. This feature was intended to be used for tracking materials consumption, but some of our customers have found it more useful for the foreman to indicate the materials he needs for tomorrow. The resulting list of materials and quantities becomes a pick list for loading up the truck the next day.

Whatever these materials and quantities mean to you, we hope you’ll agree that the interface for recording them is dead simple.


The interface for this feature looks very similar to our time allocation and equipment tracking features. Using common interfaces across features is one of the key ways we keep our software simple for our client office staff, and even simpler for the field crews. Did you know that’s part of our core values?

We’d love to get to know your company better and see if we can meet your needs. The best way to do that is to schedule your free demo.