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One of the best-kept secrets of CrewTracks is our powerful data synchronizer. We know many of your jobs take place in areas with a poor cellular data signal. For that reason, our mobile app stores all data locally while offline, and then it sends that data once a connection is reestablished. The experience for the mobile user is identical whether a connection is present or not.

In fact, we sometimes receive support requests from folks who don’t realize they’ve accidentally disabled their device’s cellular connection. In this case, the CrewTracks app works beautifully, but no data reaches the office! Once we help them get online again, the data starts flowing.

You can see at a glance if there are any connection issues thanks to our color-coded sync indicator. Green means everything on the device has been sent to the server. Orange means some changes haven’t been sent yet. Red means the device is unable to reach the CrewTracks server. Regardless of the color, you can tap the sync indicator for more information.

We are very proud of our data synchronizer and sync indicator, but because they work so well, we hardly ever get to talk about them! They just silently work in the background, magically keeping everyone in your company on the same page.

So thanks for taking a minute to read this not-so-humblebrag.