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Those who use CrewTracks’ scheduling generally use it for short-range planning, i.e. setting up tomorrow’s schedule or the schedule for the week. If one or more of the following sounds like you, you’ll love our scheduling features:

  • You want day-to-day, hands-on control of crew assignments
  • You’re currently contacting employees every day or two to update their assignment for the next day
  • Someone is continually updating a whiteboard or group text to keep everyone on the same page

If those items don’t describe you, no problem. Our scheduling features are optional, so some of our customers use an external calendar and then make use of our templates. Instead of using our scheduling features, you can give each person or crew a template to start with and they can add details relevant to a particular day’s work. In this way, we can accommodate long-term scheduling by pre-assigning jobs, employees, and equipment to the appropriate crews and then changing that assignment as needed.


As with all of our features, the best way to find out if our scheduling features meet your needs is to schedule your free demo.