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A daily report for construction absolutely must include notes and photos whenever possible. Notes and photos help you stay on schedule, understand setbacks, and mitigate liability when an issue arises. CrewTracks makes it easy for your field crews to snap photos and keep them organized by job. This is possibly the most simple and most valuable feature of CrewTracks. Here are some of the ways our notes and photos feature has saved our customers millions of dollars:

  • “We were accused of breaking something on site. We pulled up our photos for that date and proved we weren’t even working on that side of the intersection.”
  • “My guys immediately take a photo of every delivery. I just keep the live feed open, and if something is late, I walk down the hall and check with the PM.”
  • “One of our customers insists on hard copies of paperwork. So we fill out their paperwork, but then we just take a photo for our purposes.”
  • “Another sub parked on our day-old concrete. Of course it cracked later. We had the photo and timestamp to show who had to pay for it.”