CrewTracks & Insulation Outlook Magazine


CrewTracks & Insulation Outlook Magazine

CrewTracks was asked to be featured in the National Insulation Association’s new industry magazine, Insulation Outlook, as the tech spotlight for the spring 2022 issue. After getting to know the NIA and taking a closer look at our customers in the insulation industry, we found we are a great fit for this industry. Whether it be commercial insulation or residential insulation, CrewTracks has features to help track production, create daily reports, track time, and make it easy to run payroll.

One of the needs of almost all of our customers and industries we serve, including insulation, is daily reporting. CrewTracks field management software makes it easy for your construction field crews to create daily reports. When anything happens within CrewTracks, our app syncs to our web app, and your office workers can see the daily reports in real-time. Office workers can see when an employee clocked in and out, added a note or photo about the project they are working on, and when a document is completed.

We serve a lot of construction industries, but we wanted to draw some attention to this Q&A in Insulation Outlook Magazine. If you’re in the insulation industry and missed the spring issue, or even if you’re in a different industry altogether, take a look!

“CrewTracks makes it easier for people in construction to get their job done.”

Tech Spotlight Article in Insulation Outlook Magazine

You can check out more of the Insulation Outlook Magazine here!

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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