CrewTracks, The App for Brick Masons & Block Masons

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CrewTracks, The App for Brick Masons & Block Masons

If you’re a block mason or brick mason you know the importance of having a great tool to keep track of your crew’s hours and production. 

You may have heard that an app like CrewTracks can help. The app works specifically for people like you in the construction industry. It offers a wealth of features that make managing your crew easier than ever before. Whether you’re looking to keep track of hours worked, shift assignments, billing, scheduling, or job site information, consider using the CrewTracks app.

What Is CrewTracks?

CrewTracks field management software provides a mobile app and web app for the construction industry. As a brick mason, for example, it will help you manage your jobs, tasks, and crew members more effectively. CrewTracks provides an easy-to-use platform that makes it simpler to organize day-to-day operations.

How Does CrewTracks Work?

CrewTracks eliminates much of the manual data entry generally associated with managing and tracking crews in the construction industry. It streamlines tasks like payroll management, job scheduling, and crew tracking. 

By allowing supervisors to assign tasks and easily track progress in real-time, CrewTracks ensures that you complete projects on time and within budget. It also eliminates the need for paper-based systems, reducing costs associated with time rounding, buddy punching, or performing data entry.

Benefits of Using CrewTracks

Saving time, money, and energy represent three of the biggest benefits of using the CrewTracks app. Additionally, you can realize the following advantages:

  • Improve communication between managers and crews
  • Progress through projects faster
  • Quickly identify and correct delays
  • Keep jobs within budget
  • Verify employee presence on job sites
  • Keep track of payroll data

In essence, the CrewTracks app empowers your management team and crews alike to perform their jobs at more productive rates.

CrewTracks Features

While CrewTracks provides your brick mason or block mason business with over 20 features, here are some of the most crucial factors to know about the app. 

Daily Reporting

Without leaving your office, you can track the progress of jobs, monitor employee hours and clock-in/out times, and more. Using this kind of real-time monitoring makes it easier to complete projects quickly and accurately.

Real-Time Updates

CrewTracks ensures that all team members remain on the same page regarding scheduling jobs. Real-time updates improve communication among crew members, supervisors, and managers.

Photo Timeclock

The photo time clock feature ensures that employees clock in and out of job sites accurately and on time. Photos taken upon clock-in/out verify who physically showed up on the job site and when.

GPS Field Tracking

Managers and supervisors can view crew locations on job sites in real-time through the app. Overall, you can also monitor where your crews go during all work hours.

Notes and Photos

Crew members can upload photos, notes, and more to the app. It makes it easier for supervisors to review job progress through their phones or tablets and make necessary changes if needed. You will see job progress in real-time as it occurs. 

Document Management

CrewTracks simplifies the process of managing documents. You can store and view job information, including JHAs, toolbox talks, safety forms, drawings, plans, inspection forms, delivery tickets, and more. The document management feature includes editable fields and drawing and measurement tools. 

Text Your Crews

The texting function available through the CrewTracks app allows you to send updates and information regarding job progress and more to supervisors or team leaders. You can also send company-wide text messages to the entire staff.

Equipment Tracking

CrewTracks enables you to track equipment usage, job history, maintenance schedules for inspections, and more. The feature provides accountability for equipment operators. You can also spot issues with machinery and make repairs before they become a problem.


Use CrewTracks to assign job tasks to the right people and adjust or reschedule as needed. The app displays available team members for any given job in real time.

Injury Tracking

As employees sign off daily that they remain uninjured, the CrewTracks app helps to mitigate your business risk.

Reports and Accounting Export

You can export data from CrewTracks into your accounting software. Use the data to reconcile costs and job progress more quickly.

Weather Tracking

CrewTracks automatically provides weather updates, so you will know at a glance what kind of conditions the crew faced during the workday. 

Offline Capability

The CrewTracks app works both on- and offline. Access it even when there is no internet connection available. All new data will automatically sync once you connect to the Internet again.

Material Usage Tracking

The material usage tracking feature lets you build a list of materials. You can then track usage at each job site. The data helps you compare costs and ensure that each job stays within its budget.

CrewTracks Integrations

CrewTracks integrates with any of the tools you already use. Here are a few examples: 

  • Sage
  • ComputerEase
  • ProContractor
  • Foundation Software
  • A-Systems Accounting Software
  • QuickBooks
  • Viewpoint

How Does CrewTracks Compare to Raken?

You might wonder how CrewTracks and Raken compare. When comparing CrewTracks to the Raken app, it’s important to remember the similarities and differences between the two applications. 

Both apps are easy-to-use, cloud-based platforms that help streamline the construction business. Raken offers daily reports like CrewTracks does. With Raken, you can keep track of payroll via the time cards feature. Similar to CrewTracks, Raken allows you to capture project data and communicate with your team. 

Although both apps work well, CrewTracks offers a few things that Raken doesn’t. CrewTracks offers added features like weather tracking, and in-app texting allowing you to be better informed on planning jobs and communicating with your team. 

Final Thoughts

The CrewTracks app is an essential tool for brick masons and block masons. It improves communication, making it easier to track job progress and collaborate with coworkers. 

The app allows users to submit timecards and easily access safety information. Compared to other construction management apps, CrewTracks is easy to use and packed with features that make the workday smoother for everyone on the crew.
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