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CrewTracks Web App Gets a Facelift

CrewTracks Web App Gets a Facelift

Great news!  The web app (often referred to as the back end) of CrewTracks is about to look a lot more beautiful.  The features and functionality you’re used to are still there, so you’ll be able to keep using CrewTracks without a hitch.  But just in case the new look surprises you, we thought we’d do some “old way / new way” comparisons to keep you on track.

By the way, this update is laying the groundwork for a huge new feature we’ll be announcing soon.  But I’m getting ahead of myself – here are the areas that have been updated so far. 

In each of the animated images below, please note the “Old” and “New” in the lower-left corner.

Adding a New Job

The new job creation process is more intuitive, more beautiful, and opens up the ability for us to add features in the future without cluttering up the “Add Job” page.

Adding Phases Items to a Job

We’re changing both the functionality and the terminology here.  Calling each item in a job a “phase” limits what those items might represent, and we want CrewTracks to be flexible.  Stay tuned for more updates in this area.

Also, while the image above shows the process for adding items from templates, the image below shows how we’ve updated the look and feel of typing in new phases items one at a time.

Viewing Jobs

Both the jobs list and the detailed view of a single job have been updated.  Here’s the jobs list:

And here’s the updated view for a single job – it’s super nice.  You can now see a map showing the job’s location… (continued below)

…as well as the photos attached to a job, without navigating to each individual schedule.

Adding a Schedule and Assigning Jobs to the Schedule

The new Add Schedule page looks great, even on mobile.  Also, it’s easier to add multiple jobs to the schedule.  Rather than adding one job, then adding the phases items, then adding the next job, you can add all of the jobs and items at once.  By the way, you’ll notice the new interface still says “phases” here – it has since been updated.

Here’s a really useful bit of functionality that’s being added with this update.  You can now search all jobs for a certain item.  In other words, you have two search bars now.  Leave the “Search Jobs” field blank and you can “Search Items” among all jobs.  In the example below, we’re looking for all jobs with an item called “Spring Cleanup.”  You simply couldn’t do that in the old interface.

That’s all for now!  We just wanted to make sure you weren’t caught by surprise.  Please never hesitate to call us at 801-742-5555 or email customercare@crewtracks.com if we can help!

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Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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