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The Power of Daily Reporting with CrewTracks

The Power of Daily Reporting with CrewTracks

Daily reporting plays a vital role in the construction industry, enabling companies to stay informed about job site activities without being physically present every day. These reports are essential for supervisors, project managers, office workers, and other stakeholders to assess daily progress, identify potential issues or delays, and make informed decisions. The content of a daily report can vary widely, including details such as weather conditions, clock in and out times, inspection and safety forms, job site notes, and photos, depending on specific reporting needs.

To gain further insight into the practical application of CrewTracks’ daily reports, we spoke with David Johnson, the Chief Operating Officer at SkyLine Scaffold, Inc. David shared his firsthand experience and shed light on the significance of daily reporting in his company’s operations.

Defining the importance and purpose of a daily report:

David emphasized that a daily report serves three primary functions for his company. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive overview of the day’s activities, highlighting what transpired in the field, and any encountered issues, or accidents. Secondly, it allows the estimator to remotely assess project progress and specific phases without the need for frequent on-site visits. Lastly, it serves as a time-keeping tool, tracking employee clock-in and clock-out times, ensuring accuracy, and enabling performance evaluation. Furthermore, daily reports act as a valuable reference in case any problems arise, allowing for a thorough review of past events.

The impact of implementing CrewTracks on daily reporting:

David discussed how daily reporting has evolved over time and how the implementation of CrewTracks revolutionized their reporting practices. Previously, their reports existed in various formats, including hours or verbal accounts. However, as the importance of litigation grew, they needed a more efficient system. CrewTracks provided them with an easily accessible digital platform that streamlined the retrieval of specific information. They now create a comprehensive daily work plan, encompassing project details, safety information, attached schedules, notes, and photos.

Key elements stored in CrewTracks’ daily reports:

For SkyLine Scaffold, Inc., capturing damages through photos proves highly valuable. Before commencing work, their crew documents the condition of the job site, taking pictures of potential liabilities, such as dented metal paneling. By maintaining an extensive collection of daily photos, often ranging from 20 to 30 pictures, they efficiently address damage claims. Moreover, daily reports have helped identify instances of employees deviating from prescribed work procedures, ensuring corrective actions and retraining efforts are promptly implemented.

Utilizing daily reports to counter liability claims:

David shared an incident where his company was wrongfully accused of damaging a window. Without photo evidence, rectifying the situation became arduous, costing both time and money. However, with daily reports and photographic evidence, they could have proven their innocence and avoided the costly endeavor. Daily reports also serve as a defense against other liability claims, allowing them to demonstrate compliance with proper procedures and refute allegations of negligence or substandard work.

Innovative uses of CrewTracks:

SkyLine Scaffold, Inc. leverages the extensive data captured in daily reports to extract valuable insights. They meticulously analyze the audit data from CrewTracks, combining photo records, notes, and submitted documents. This comprehensive analysis offers real-time visibility into the daily work plans of each foreman, allowing for proactive decision-making and effective management.

The positive experience of working with CrewTracks:

David expressed his satisfaction with CrewTracks, emphasizing the company’s proactive approach and commitment to delivering tangible results. The strong relationships he has forged with his account manager and the development team have contributed to an outstanding experience. In contrast to other software systems he finds frustrating, CrewTracks stands out for its exceptional service, exemplary product, and responsive personnel.

In conclusion, daily reporting provides a crucial overview of job site activities while offering mitigation against liability risks and facilitating effective communication with employees. David Johnson’s experience with CrewTracks exemplifies the indispensable nature of daily reporting in the construction industry.

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Michele Farinaccio,
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