Email Notifications (including Injury Notifications)

Email Notifications (including Injury Notifications)

You’ve always been able to report injuries in CrewTracks, and you’ve always had a second set of eyes on each daily report to check for any reported injuries. More recently, you’ve been able to run a report on injuries by date range just to confirm all those “no” responses to the daily “were you injured” question.

But still… what if you missed one?

We’ve made that a whole lot less likely with this update. By default, an email will now be sent to the supervisor on each schedule that has a reported injury. Additionally, admin users will receive email notification of any injury reported across the entire company.

We realize these default settings won’t be perfect for everyone, so this is a great time to introduce our “Employee Settings” page. When you’re logged in to CrewTracks on your computer, click your name at the top right and select “My Settings.” This page has been around for a while now, but we’ve really only mentioned it to folks who needed it. But now this page is a bit more interesting:

The example you see above is for an administrator. When a supervisor views this page, they typically will not have the option to check the “Schedule Submitted” Send Email box and also choose “For ALL Schedules.” This combination will only be available to supervisors in companies that have the “Supervisors can view all schedules” setting activated. The same applies to injury notification settings.

Crew Leads and Employees do not have access to notification settings and will not receive email notifications.

One more item to note: schedules are typically submitted from a mobile device, but if someone forgets, it is possible to “Mark as Submitted” from the web app. A schedule that is marked as submitted in the web app will not trigger email notifications.

That’s all for now! As always, we’d love your feedback. Please call us any time at 801-742-5555, option 2, or send us an email at customercare@crewtracks.com.

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