Heads Up: A Few Changes to our Mobile Apps

Heads Up: A Few Changes to our Mobile Apps

Have you ever been a longtime user of Apple and then switched to Android or vice versa? Yeah, me neither. However, many CrewTracks customers have a mixture of Android and Apple devices at their company, and in an ongoing effort to make their lives easier, we have a few changes to announce in order to make the iPhone and Android apps more identical.

In other words, if your company is all iOS, a few of these changes might make you ask, “Why did they do that?” but there is a method to our madness. We’re either making room for a future feature, or we’re making all our customers’ CrewTracks apps match each other as well as yours do.

(psssst… we also made one Android-only feature much more useful. But don’t say that too loud, or the Android folks will start bragging about how Android is better than Apple)

iPad Changes

The looping video below highlights the changes you’ll notice in the iPad app. If you prefer a visual demonstration, you can skip these bullet points and watch the video.

  • Add/Remove buttons have been moved. “Add” will appear at the bottom of each screen in the app, just like it does in the iPhone and Android apps. However, since the iPad app allows for more information to be displayed at once, the add button will allow you to indicate if you want to add a job item or the element relevant to the page you’re on (for example, an employee on the Time Assignment page, or a piece of equipment on the equipment page). You can remove an element with a tap-and-hold, or use the Multi-Select to remove more than one at a time.
  • There are no longer two separate menus at the top of the iPad app. All menu items from the two menus have been consolidated into the “Settings” menu.
  • The sync indicator now appears at the top-right of the screen at all times, just like on Android.

iPhone Changes

Only two changes in the iPhone app, both in an effort to bring the iPhone and Android apps closer to identical parity.

  • The “+” button in the top right is gone. Instead, “Add” buttons appear at the bottom of each list of elements in the app, whether it’s a list of people, equipment, materials, etc.
  • The sync indicator now appears at the top-right of the screen at all times, just like on Android.

Android Changes

Just one small (and convenient) change for Android. The persistent notification that shows up when you’re clocked in is now tappable, and will take you straight to the CrewTracks app. Big thanks to our customer, Andy, who emailed customercare@crewtracks.com and suggested this improvement.

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