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Injury Signoff

Injury Signoff

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, with heavy equipment, high elevations, and potentially hazardous materials all in one place. As a result, it’s important for construction managers to prioritize injury tracking to ensure the safety of their workers.

One effective way to track injuries is by using a mobile app like CrewTracks, which allows workers to sign off at the end of each day, indicating whether or not they suffered any injuries during their work. This information can then be used to identify trends and potential hazards on the job site.

But just tracking injuries is not enough. The real key to mitigating injury risk is to take action based on the data collected. For example, if multiple workers report experiencing the same type of injury, it’s a sign that there may be a systemic issue that needs to be addressed. The data can also be used to identify workers who are at higher risk of injury so that extra precautions can be taken to keep them safe.

One of the main benefits of using CrewTracks for injury tracking is that it helps to enforce accountability. By requiring workers to sign off each day that they were not injured, it ensures that workers are actively paying attention to their own safety and that of their colleagues. This can help create a culture of safety on the job site, where workers are encouraged to look out for one another and report potential hazards before they become serious issues.

Another benefit of using a mobile app like CrewTracks for injury tracking, is the document management feature. By using this feature, it can house editable PDFs that can be filled out and completed on the jobsite, so no more running back and forth to the office. By easily accessing safety documents, we can limit mitigation and keep employees accountable.

In summary, injury tracking is a critical component of any construction safety program. By using a mobile app like CrewTracks to collect and analyze data on injuries, managers can identify potential hazards, track trends over time, and take action to mitigate risk. By enforcing accountability and creating a culture of safety, managers can ensure that their workers stay safe and healthy on the job site.

Here is a video including an update we made to the injury tracking feature a while back:


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