How One Company Utilizes CrewTracks to Boost Efficiency and Cost Control

How One Company Utilizes CrewTracks to Boost Efficiency and Cost Control

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One of our customer is a leading player in the dynamic world of construction. With multiple ongoing projects and a fleet of diverse equipment, managing their operations efficiently was a challenge until they discovered CrewTracks.

Before CrewTracks, they faced manual and time-consuming equipment time tracking methods. They struggled to keep accurate records of equipment usage and often faced delays in obtaining crucial data for financial reporting. This lack of efficiency led to cost overruns and hindered their ability to make informed decisions.

Upon implementing CrewTracks, this customer experienced a significant transformation. Now, their field staff can effortlessly log equipment time directly from their mobile devices. By selecting the specific equipment item and associating it with the relevant project or task, the process became seamless. This real-time data capture eliminated the need for manual record-keeping, saving time and reducing errors.

CrewTracks’ comprehensive equipment tracking feature allowed them to manage their diverse fleet with ease. From heavy machines like bulldozers to trucks and skid steers, each piece of equipment was assigned a unique identifier and associated with specific projects or cost codes. This level of detail enabled them to track equipment usage accurately and allocate costs precisely.

One of the standout benefits was CrewTracks’ automated reporting system. With just a few clicks, they could generate comprehensive reports that provided valuable insights into equipment time usage. The reports included crucial information such as total equipment hours, individual equipment usage per project or cost code, maintenance records, and associated costs. These reports were not only accurate but also effortless to generate, freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on more strategic tasks.

The integration between CrewTracks and this company’s accounting software was a game-changer. Importing the equipment time reports, along with the associated cost codes, was seamless. This integration streamlined their financial processes, ensuring equipment costs were accurately recorded and allocated to specific projects. With precise financial reporting and analysis at their fingertips, they could make data-driven decisions that positively impacted their bottom line.

Furthermore, CrewTracks’ cost code association feature allowed them to have a clear overview of project expenses and profitability associated with equipment usage. By accurately tracking costs and associating them with specific tasks, they gained better control over their project budgets, which ultimately led to enhanced cost control.

Since adopting CrewTracks, this company has witnessed a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency and financial management. They no longer worry about manual data entry or inaccurate financial reporting. Instead, they can focus on delivering projects on time and within budget.

CrewTracks has become an indispensable tool for this company and many others, providing them with a powerful solution for equipment time tracking and financial reporting. By streamlining their tracking processes, CrewTracks has helped them improve efficiency, control costs, and make informed decisions that drive their success in the dynamic construction industry.


"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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