Increasing Job-site Accountability with CrewTracks’ Notes and Photos Feature

Increasing Job-site Accountability with CrewTracks’ Notes and Photos Feature

CrewTracks is proud to offer a comprehensive and innovative project management solution tailored to the construction industry. Our software is designed to streamline operations, improve communication, and boost overall efficiency on the job-site. One of the standout features of CrewTracks is the Notes and Photos feature, which plays a vital role in enhancing job-site accountability while ensuring transparency and accurate documentation.

Capturing the Job-Site with GPS-Tagged Photos

CrewTracks’ Notes and Photos feature empowers field workers to document every aspect of their work seamlessly. With the integration of GPS technology, photos taken using the CrewTracks mobile app are automatically tagged with the precise location where they were taken. This feature enables foremen and supervisors to verify whether the photo was indeed captured on the job-site, eliminating any doubts regarding the authenticity of the image.

Enhancing Communication and Oversight

Real-time access to GPS-tagged photos allows supervisors and project managers to maintain constant oversight, even when they cannot be physically present at the job-site. This provides a deeper level of accountability and helps address any discrepancies or issues that may come up during the construction process. The ability to review photos taken at specific locations enables supervisors to monitor the progress of tasks and ensure adherence to project plans.

Customer Success Story: Averted Liability with CrewTracks' Notes and Photos

*For the privacy of our customer, we will not be using names*

Recently, a construction company faced a potentially costly liability issue when a customer claimed that damage to the property occurred due to the construction work carried out by the company’s crew. The customer insisted that the damage was a result of the crew’s negligence, which could have led to an expensive legal battle and reputational damage for the company.

Fortunately, the company was equipped with CrewTracks and had diligently utilized the Notes and Photos feature throughout the project. The crew had been consistently taking photos at various stages of the construction, including images of the property before and after the work was done.

When the customer’s claim surfaced, the company’s foreman swiftly accessed the CrewTracks system and retrieved the GPS-tagged photos taken on the job-site. The photos conclusively proved that the damage in question was already present before the work began, thus exonerating the company from any liability.

The evidence provided by CrewTracks’ GPS-tagged photos not only protected the company from legal repercussions but also strengthened their relationship with the customer. The transparency and accuracy of the documentation showcased the company’s commitment to accountability and earned the customer’s trust.

CrewTracks’ Notes and Photos feature is an invaluable asset for construction companies, ensuring job-site accountability, improved communication, and increased project efficiency. With GPS-tagged photos at their disposal, foremen and supervisors can confidently verify that all images are taken on the job-site, preventing potential disputes and protecting the company from unfounded claims.

By embracing CrewTracks’ technology, construction companies can streamline their operations, bolster their reputation, and, most importantly, deliver exceptional results to their clients. The Notes and Photos feature is just one example of how CrewTracks continues to drive innovation in the construction industry, revolutionizing the way projects are managed and executed.


"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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