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Notes, Photos, and GPS (oh my!)

Notes, Photos, and GPS (oh my!)

Notes, photos, and location (GPS) data are arguably the most important parts of a construction crew’s daily report. Fortunately, in CrewTracks, they’re also the most simple.

CrewTracks allows you to import photos you took earlier, so there’s no need to have our app open all day. Just snap photos of anything noteworthy and add them to your report when it’s convenient.

Notes and photos are timestamped and GPS stamped in CrewTracks, which makes liability mitigation a piece of cake. Got a damage claim on a certain part of the job? Grab photos to show the damage was pre-existing.

Of course, every tool is only as good as the person wielding it, so time and GPS stamps also help you hold employees accountable for timely documentation. Some CrewTracks customers evaluate crew leaders based on the number of photos and length of notes on their daily reports. It’s a great way to make sure they’re collecting a wealth of useful data every day, and it’s easy! You can do it, too, and add to the millions of dollars our customers have saved in avoiding blame for false claims.

Look how easy it is to find photo location data from our jobs page:


Plus, our mobile app has an extremely simple and intuitive interface for field employees to supply ample photo documentation. You can even draw on a photo and add notes directly on the phot itself. All photos are also displayed in our Live Events feed, on daily reports, customer sign-off reports, and of course, photo exports:


Clock-in and clock-out events also have photos and GPS data in CrewTracks. We even have an optional feature that allows you to track employees while they’re clocked in. This is extremely useful in the case of truckers or employees en route between job sites.


Notes, photos, and GPS data are vital for construction companies. If you are not gathering this data in a consistent, easy-to-use manner and storing the data in a way that you can quickly find anything you’re looking for on any day in history, you’re setting yourself up for some major headaches, not to mention financial losses.

You need CrewTracks. Request a free demo right now, and take your first step toward realizing these benefits:

  1. Documentation: Notes and photos serve as a documentation of the progress of the construction project, providing a historical record of the work completed. This documentation can be used for legal purposes, such as in the event of a dispute with a client or contractor, or for future reference in case of maintenance or repairs.

  2. Quality Control: Photos can be used to verify that work is being completed according to the design plans, while notes can be used to flag any issues or discrepancies. This helps ensure that the project meets the quality standards expected by the client.

  3. Communication: Sharing notes and photos with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders can help keep everyone on the same page. GPS data can be used to track equipment and personnel, helping to ensure that everyone is where they need to be and that the project is on schedule.

  4. Safety / Liability Mitigation: GPS data can be used to monitor the location of workers, equipment, and vehicles, helping to ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for. This information can also be used to identify potential hazards, develop strategies to mitigate them, and provide exonerating evidence when needed.

Request your free demo today, and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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