Notes & Photos: Require Per Job, and Add to Job Signoff

Notes & Photos: Require Per Job, and Add to Job Signoff

At CrewTracks, we continue to innovate by combining vision with feedback, but these two features, in particular, are 100% from your feedback.

Require Notes & Photos Per Job

First, we’ve added the ability to indicate whether notes and photos are required on a certain job. Before this update, you could only check a couple of boxes to indicate whether notes & photos were required on the entire schedule.

Yup, those checkboxes right there.

We’ve actually had a discrepancy between Android and iOS that we’re resolving here as well. On Android, checking those boxes meant you had to have a note and photo for each job in order to submit the schedule. On iOS, you just had to have one note and one photo, even if you had more than one job on the schedule.

Now when you check those boxes, you will have to enter a note and photo for each job on the schedule. In other words, we’re sticking with the functionality we’ve had on the Android app. This is usually great, but we’ve heard from customers who are using CrewTracks in the office or have a job called “Overhead” or “Shop Time” that these kinds of scenarios should be exceptions to the required photos rule. Unfortunately, there was no way to make an exception in CrewTracks… until now.

Two new checkboxes to the rescue!

When you’re creating or editing a job, you can now indicate whether this job is an exception to your “require notes & photos” setting.

Let’s clear up a couple of things:

Thing #1: If you’re not requiring notes and photos on your schedules, this setting essentially does nothing. You will only use this setting if you do require notes and photos (either sometimes or always), and you also want to exempt certain jobs from that requirement.

Thing #2: If you check these new boxes to exempt a job from the notes and/or photos requirement, your employees will still be able to add notes and photos if they need to. They just won’t be required to do so before submitting their report.

What you need to do now:

If you are currently requiring notes and photos, and you want to exempt certain jobs from this requirement, go to Jobs (in the left menu), find the job you don’t want to require notes & photos for, then click on “Edit” either from the job list view or the individual job view.

These edit buttons work
Or this edit button will work as well

Then click on step 3 in the job edit wizard:

This will bring up the two checkboxes pictured earlier. Here they are again:

You will see the same two checkboxes when creating a job. Most of the time you can just ignore them, but if you want to exempt a new job from notes or photos requirements, check the appropriate box(es).

Photos in Job Signoff

If you use Job Signoff, you are going to love this. In the past, everything pertaining to a job or misc info could be included in a job signoff report… except photos. This was a bit of a sticking point for some of our customers who wanted to collect a signature related to a photo that they attached to their report in CrewTracks. It makes perfect sense that a photo/signature pair can protect you from liability, as well as more effectively communicate to your customers what happened on the job site.

We’re really pleased to make these features available to you, and we would love to hear from you about how you’re putting them to use. You can always reach us at customercare@crewtracks.com or 801-742-5555.

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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