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Time-Based Clock-In Restrictions

Time-Based Clock-In Restrictions

At CrewTracks, we are continuously committed to providing construction companies with innovative solutions that empower their operations. We are thrilled to announce our latest update, Time-Based Clock-In Restriction, designed to address the challenge of timecard fraud. This addition to the CrewTracks platform allows employers to set restrictions on when workers can clock in, reinforcing our dedication to streamlining operations and ensuring transparency within the construction industry.

Fighting Timecard Fraud:

Timecard fraud poses a significant issue for construction companies, leading to financial losses and inaccurate records. Practices like buddy punching and early clock-ins undermine project budgets and break trust among team members. Recognizing the impact of these challenges, CrewTracks has developed the Time-Based Clock-In Restrictions feature to combat timecard fraud effectively.

The video above shows setting a time restriction for a daily schedule. Setting it here applies only for one day and the specific crew, making it ideal for a one-time restriction.

Enhanced Control and Accuracy:

With the introduction of Time-Based Clock-In Restriction, construction companies gain greater control over their workforce’s time management. This feature enables employers to define a specific start time, preventing workers from clocking in before the designated hour. By curbing unauthorized early clock-ins, CrewTracks ensures accurate time tracking, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and bolstering overall project management.

The above video shows how you can set a time restriction for a Crew template. Setting it here applies every time this crew creates a schedule, ideal for a continual restriction on their login before a certain time of day.

The video above shows how you can set a time restriction in your Organization Settings.  Setting it here applies to new schedules without crew templates or for new crews.

Our team is committed to providing a seamless implementation process, tailored to the unique requirements of your construction company.  By preventing early clock-ins, this feature significantly reduces instances of buddy punching and other fraudulent activities, fostering an environment of honesty and accountability within your workforce. With CrewTracks, you can have complete confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your time tracking data.

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Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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