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"I only hire people who are better than I am."

~ Mike Taylor, Founder & President

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We have been growing quickly for years, but we're just getting started.

Tom Mask Square

We help and innovate for the people who build and maintain our world.

This is our purpose.

Our customers build hospitals and schools, curbs and retaining walls, scaffolding and water towers. They make our roads, parks, and plazas. They restore historic structures and train the next generation of tradesmen. Their work is vital.

Our purpose is to help and innovate for them.

Our Mission

Create the world's best field management software in the construction and field service industry with a focus on simple solutions and strong partnerships.

Our Values

We innovate by combining vision with feedback

We move and iterate quickly, and balance that with releasing a quality product. We experiment and try new things without fear of failure.

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We face challenges with optimism

We confront the brutal truth of difficult situations, yet at the same time, never give up hope. We kick the inner cynic to the curb.

We persist and follow through

We take initiative to solve problems. We do what we say we'll do. We "close the loop," providing closure to clients and assuring completion of tasks.

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We listen, we care, we serve

Every client has a point of contact they know by name. We are cheerful and service-oriented. Our senior employees take time to teach, train and help junior employees.

We do the right thing

We are honest with ourselves and others. We believe people matter. We own our mistakes and strive to fix them and learn from them.

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We work as a team

We speak and act with humility. Ideas win on their merit rather than who has the idea. We foster friendships and positive relationships in the workplace.

We are resourceful

We find ways to do more with less. We are thrifty but spend where it counts. We use our time wisely.

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We think long term

We focus on clients that are a good fit. We win sales through competence, persistence, and building long-term relationships. We are focused on growth.

Happy Employees = Happy Clients


I think the thing I like most about CrewTracks is the people that I'm working with... They truly want our feedback, and they want to know what they can do better for their client, and I appreciate that.

Payroll Administrator, Brazos Masonry
CrewTracks customer since January 2019

Jenny Thomasson


I love the people I work with, there's lots of opportunity for growth, and I'm growing in ways I don't think would be possible at a larger company.

Account Manager, CrewTracks
Joined the Crew October 2019

Casey Black

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