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Our History

Our mission at CrewTracks is to “Create the world’s best field management software in the construction and field service industry with a focus on simple solutions and strong partnerships.”

We strive to be the best for our customers, for the industry, and for ourselves. We focus on simple solutions to our clients’ problems by creating simple, easy-to-use interfaces that solve hard problems. We rely on strong partnerships because we know no one succeeds alone.

In 2013, CrewTracks got started when a local construction company wanted an app to resolve their field management pain points. They were tired of paper timesheets, overpayment of labor hours due to inconsistent time reporting, managers requiring their time at the job site to check statuses, and poor communication and visibility from the field to name a few.  Our president, Mike Taylor, had one of his other software companies, Guru Technologies, build an app for them to meet some of these needs.

In 2016, Mike decided this idea would be worth taking to a broader market. He knew he could get it off the ground and keep it growing.  The app was rebuilt from the ground up to work for multiple companies, and in 2017, CrewTracks launched out of beta and started selling broadly to companies across the United States and Canada.

In 2018 we shifted from a simple sales and hand-off approach to an account manager approach. This ensures clients have one point of contact throughout their whole lifetime with CrewTracks. From the initial demo, signing the contract and onboarding, and unlimited customer support. Clients have someone to reach out to at CrewTracks by name, who knows their company and wants to see them succeed in their business and with CrewTracks.

Not only has our software grown over the years, but so has our company. Our work would not be possible without the work of so many amazing people. Account managers, developers, integrations, marketing, and leadership have built this company into what it is today. Mike strives to “hire people who are better than I am.”  Despite our team being relatively small, we are strong. We work well together well and have a high degree of collaboration. We are committed to our software, vision, our customers, and to each other.

We are making long-term investments in our software, our customers, and our people. We succeed when our customers succeed. We want our customers to know and feel we are invested in their success as much as they are. Our goal is to have the perfect mix between making changes based on customer feedback and having a strong vision for the future roadmap of what customers will want before they realize or can accurately articulate what they want. We help REAL customers solve REAL problems.

We are aiming to be the clear, unrivaled industry leader in field management software, the “world’s best” as our mission says. CrewTracks is determined to not let anything deter us from that goal. We are excited every day to work in this space, build software, with great customers and great people. CrewTracks is just starting to scratch the surface of what we hope to achieve over the next decade.