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Three New Features in August

These features will be coming to CrewTracks in the next few weeks, and we wanted to give you a heads up:

1. New Employees List & Employee Page

The “users” menu option is going away, and we’re calling it “employees” instead. This list is now searchable, sortable, customizable, and 153% more beautiful. We’ve also added a profile page for each employee, including a photo and a list of schedules they have been assigned to. This profile page will give us space for a few other features we have planned. Here’s a two minute overview video of this new feature:


Automatic Lunch Allocation, Choose Supervisor, and More

I just committed one of my pet peeves: I used the phrase “and more.” I hate that… if there’s more, tell me what it is! But there are simply too many updates to sum up in a title, and I decided not to use the title “Holy crap we’re releasing a TON of new features today.” So take a look at the headings below and dive in to any features that pique your interest.