Revolutionize Job Tracking with CrewTracks

Revolutionize Job Tracking with CrewTracks


Efficient job tracking is crucial in the construction industry, where effective management of materials, equipment, time, and labor schedules can greatly impact project success. Traditional methods of tracking these elements can be time-consuming, error-prone, and hinder productivity. However, with the powerful capabilities of CrewTracks, a comprehensive job-tracking solution, construction companies can streamline their operations and gain real-time insights. We are excited to show you how CrewTracks revolutionizes construction job tracking by seamlessly managing material tracking, equipment tracking, time and attendance tracking, and accommodating different work schedules, ultimately enabling the creation of comprehensive reports.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Accurate time and attendance tracking is crucial for managing labor costs, adhering to regulations, and maintaining transparent payroll processes. CrewTracks offers a comprehensive solution for tracking employee hours, breaks, and attendance. Field workers can easily clock in and out using the mobile app, which automatically records their time on specific jobs or tasks. The software also integrates with payroll systems, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. With CrewTracks, you can streamline your time and attendance tracking, improve payroll accuracy, and maintain compliance with labor regulations.

Working on Different Schedules

Construction projects often involve various teams working on different schedules, making coordination and tracking a challenging task. CrewTracks addresses this challenge by allowing you to define and manage multiple schedules within the software. You can assign different crews to specific schedules, track their progress, and ensure that tasks are completed on time. By aligning workforce schedules with project timelines, CrewTracks enables effective planning, optimizes resource allocation, and promotes efficient collaboration among teams.

Material Tracking

Achieving project efficiency and cost-effectiveness relies heavily on accurate material tracking. CrewTracks offers a unique perspective on material usage that aids in job and schedule assessment. By recording and monitoring material usage CrewTracks helps you assess if you are on track with your job and schedule by tracking how much material you have used or if you are falling behind. This real-time visibility allows you to optimize inventory management, minimize waste, and promptly reorder materials, ultimately resulting in time and cost savings.

Equipment Tracking

Efficiently managing equipment is crucial for optimizing utilization. CrewTracks enables you to record equipment details, track equipment usage time, and associate equipment with specific jobs using cost codes. This comprehensive tracking system ensures accurate data for accounting purposes and allows you to monitor equipment usage on different projects. By having real-time visibility into equipment usage and job assignments, you can allocate resources effectively, minimize downtime, and ensure proper equipment maintenance.


CrewTracks goes beyond individual tracking elements by providing powerful reporting capabilities. The software consolidates data from time and attendance tracking material tracking and equipment tracking on different schedules into comprehensive reports. These reports offer valuable insights into project progress, labor costs, resource utilization, and more. With these data-driven insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize project performance.

Job tracking involves managing multiple elements such as time and attendance, materials, equipment, and varied work schedules. CrewTracks simplifies this complex task by offering a solution that seamlessly integrates material tracking, equipment tracking, time and attendance tracking, and scheduling capabilities. By leveraging CrewTracks, construction companies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve project efficiency. Embrace this innovative tool and unlock the potential to revolutionize construction job tracking, leading to enhanced productivity and success in the industry.

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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