New Feature: Mass & Auto Time Allocation

New Feature: Mass & Auto Time Allocation

This new feature is a huge time-saver. And in the interest of saving time, let’s get straight to the demonstration:

If you’d rather read a few bullet points than watch the video, here’s a quick summary:

  • If you only have one item on a schedule, you can allocate everyone’s time to that item with a single tap.
  • If you have multiple people and items on a schedule, you can select multiple people and “mass allocate” any amount of their time to an item.

In other words, if five guys spent 3 hours on the same task, you no longer have to allocate 3 hours five separate times. Just select those five guys, tap “mass allocate,” and move the slider to 3 hours. Done!

This feature is based on some great feedback we’ve received. Thank you for that! We love hearing from you. Keep the feedback coming, and we’ll keep innovating based on that feedback.

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