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About How it works

Get all the data without complicated technology and setup

  • Scheduling & Dispatch Schedule jobs, people, and equipment. Then text all your crews all the details. Assign crew leads, foremen, or superintendants.
  • Field Tracking Super simple mobile app for crews in the field to get just the data you want. Mobile timeclock, job costing, injury reporting, GPS tracking, job photos and notes, weather, etc.
  • Reports & Accounting Export Real-time reports of everyone clocked in, productivity, time sheets, job costing, equipment hours and materials, and units completed per phase/category. Export payroll and job costing data to accounting.

Various Platforms Works On Web/Desktop, iOS, Android

  • Web/Desktop
  • Android Phones
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Benefits Why CrewTracks is the superior field tracking solution

  1. Timely Send and receive from the field instantly
  2. Accurate Makes sure employees enter notes, photos, and time
  3. Coordinated Everyone is kept on the same page
  4. Cost-Saving Analyze hours, efficiency, and eliminate data entry
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Features Full of features to meet every need

Real-Time Syncing

Enter change orders, shift employees between jobs, and have all data sync between all devices instantly.

Weather Tracking

Automatic weather tracking based on location: temperature, sunny, rainy, snowy, etc. No user input required

Supervisor Approvals

Superintendents or Project Managers can approve or reject daily work by the crews and add notes and photos of their own


Get daily reports of the jobsites and crews, productivity, weekly time and overtime, or job time cards


Export payroll data, job costing data, equipment hours, and materials to your accounting system. Also export photos in batches or daily reports


Import budget data from your bidding software, including labor hours, equipment hours, and unit hours

Miscellaneous Data

Customize data collection to fit your need. We will work with you to collect data unique to your industry or need

Injury Tracking

Employees sign every day that they weren’t injured so you have a paper trail to reduce your risk

Customer Sign Off

Automatically generate a report, adjust as necessary, add notes, get a signature, and email a copy

Screens A few samples of what it looks like

See what’s included in the App

  • Menu
  • Schedules
  • Timeclock
  • Equipment Time
  • Notes/Photos

Pricing One size does not fit all

Pricing is per person, per month, and varies depending on company size.  Average pricing is about $20 per employee per month.  For example, a company with 50 employess would pay $19.50 per person, or $975 per month. If you opt to pay annually, you get two months free.

The best way to get an exact price quote is to schedule a free demo so we can get to know each other and figure out how we can best help you.

We’re pretty low pressure around here, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We often refer people to other solutions if we’re not a fit.  We love creating great customer relationships, like these ones:

Testimonials Review of customers

  • Willie
    WillieForeman I used to spend an hour of my day filling out reports and delivering them to the office. With CrewTracks, I clock our guys in and out, track their time, take pictures of the jobsite, and the daily report is automatically created for me. I can see what projects I have coming up and anticipate all tools and equipment needed
  • Chris Todd
    Chris Todd CFO We looked around for a long time to try to find software to meet our need that would be easy for our crews to use. We even sat through about ten demos at World of Concrete and nothing compared to CrewTracks. We love it!
  • Home Makeover
    Reyna Bovee This app is everything for our construction crew. We use the photo time card, job tracking, and work completed while on job. It integrates directly with QuickBooks. We've been able to budget out how much each job task is actually taking, and then report back and budget appropriately.
  • L&S
    L & S Site Contractor This product has helped us find and recover cost associated with labor. We incorporate this in our daily report. Not only do we track each employee's time, we also manage equipment time, materials used, and documentation of what has taken place on the job site.
  • Kapp Construction
    Ricky YorgasonVice President, Kapp Construction It’s like going from being the Flinstones a to the Jetsons got my attention. Exactly what I’m trying to do.
  • ACME Construction
    Paul F.ACME Construction Before we had CrewTracks, our foremen carried around a sheet, and would write things down by hand.  With CrewTracks, I can look and see every single employee in our company.  I'm able to determine if we need to reallocate crews to different jobs to make sure the work gets completed.  CrewTracks has changed the way that we do business.
  • Murray Masonry and More
    John D.Murray Masonry and More I want to let you know what a great job you are doing as far support and overall information you have given us. Thank you, it’s refreshing that other people take their job as seriously as I take mine.
  • Primrose Landscaping
    Carrie B.Primrose Landscaping I have purchased and learned several software options. CrewTracks is by far the simplest and most cost effective software out there for managing your company's jobs and tracking your crew and productivity.  It is simple to use and doesn't bog you down with tons of extras that you are forced to use. It works perfectly with our landscape company and we plan on extending to our hardscape crews and snow removal.
  • Christina C.Pacific Masonry The simplicity of it is excellent! Our guys were able to have the app running smooth in just one week. Anytime we have a question or need assistance, help is a phone call or email away. A real person picks up the phone and helps you! The software itself has turned payroll from a nightmare to a breeze and made field ops run more smoothly and efficiently.

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