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#1 Scaffolding Management Software:
Manage Smarter With CrewTracks

Discover the simplicity and power of CrewTracks, the ultimate solution in flexibility and mobility for your crew. Effortlessly manage and track your crew, field, and team operations from anywhere. Get real-time field reporting now.


Full of Features to Meet Your Every Need

Every time I called,
I never heard "I can't,"
and I love that.

Kent Bounds

President, Brazos Masonry, Inc.

You need better communication with the field.
But how to make it simple?

Join thousands who trust CrewTracks’ simple, yet powerful mobile & web app.

Eliminate Paperwork

Lose the clipboard; use our masonry company management software instead.

Speed up Payroll

Save hours or days of weekly work with our fully customizable exports. Select a date range, choose your export, and you’re good to go.

Real-time Updates

Best masonry management app for alerting you in real-time. Keep your live events feed open in a tab to hear an alert any time there’s an update from any job site.

Tighten up your bids

CrewTracks excels at tracking labor time, materials usage, equipment time, and production units per cost code. Use this data for smarter bidding.

Variance Reporting

Add pay rates per employee and allowable labor cost per phase or production unit, then watch your variance report to see how much money you made or lost each day.

Mitigate Liability

GPS data shows when your crews were on site. Clock in/out photos show employee well-being. Job site photos provide proof of site conditions.

How to get started

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Every customer has a contact at CrewTracks that they know by name. In fact, the person who provides your first demo is your go-to person forever.

Save Money & Time

Frankly, if your savings in cost and time is not clear by the end of your free demo, then you won't purchase CrewTracks. If it is clear, then we will be honored to play a part in leveling up your scaffolding business.

Customer Reviews

CrewTracks has helped track field production for our crews in the field, it allows our foreman to see their daily production rates compared to our bid and allocate hours to bid line items for better job cost tracking. This is very helpful information for estimating future projects to see our current production rates on similar items. It gives us an accurate daily snap shot on our project labor costs which is key to job profitability. We worked with CrewTracks to customize the features to our specific needs.

Ron Adams

| Cascade Construction

This product has helped us find and recover cost associated with labor. We incorporate this in our daily report. Not only do we track each employee's time, we also manage equipment time, materials used, and documentation of what has taken place on the job site.

Nate Lawing

| L&S Site Contractor

It’s like going from being the Flinstones to the Jetsons. The simplicity really got my attention, and it does exactly what I've been trying to do.

Ricky Yorgason

| Kapp Construction


Works On Web / Desktop, iOS, Android

Not a free app. Schedule a demo to see CrewTracks in action.

We chose CrewTracks because of the people and the software.

Michele Farinaccio

Project coordinator,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

"We chose CrewTracks for the software and the people."

Michele Farinaccio,
Eagle Scaffolding Services, Inc.

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